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  • New MB8100 CBN Grade Series for High Hardened Steel Turning

    December 21, 2018

    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Metalworking Solutions Company (President - Shinichi Nakamura, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has released the MB8100 series for high hardened steel turning.

    MB8100 series is an un-coated grade that enables stable machining by preventing abnormal fracturing when turning high hardened steels. The resistance to fracturing is achieved by the substrate adopting the latest ultra micro-particle binder technology.

    The MB8100 series grades are now available in addition to the BC8100 series in order to expand the application area for machining high hardened steels.

    Features of MB8100 series

    1. The MB8110 grade has the highest wear resistant properties of this series making it ideal for continuous cutting.

    2. MB8120 provides excellent wear and fracture resistance and is suitable for a wider range of applications.

    3. MB8130 has the highest fracture resistant properties and is ideal for heavy interrupted machining and unstable cutting conditions.

    Product name
    CBN MB8100 series for high hardened steel turning
    Number of items
    MB8110; 70 items
    MB8120; 122 items
    MB8130; 58 items
    December 3rd, 2018
    Standard price
    4,370 yen (4,720 yen including tax)
    4,830 yen (5,216 yen including tax)
    9,180 yen (9,914 yen including tax)
    9,180 yen (9,914 yen including tax)
    11,850 yen (12,798yen including tax)

    For details on the product above, please click here.

    TOOL NEWS B215G (32 Pages)(3.89 MB)

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