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  • Series Expansion – Cutter for Compact and Smaller Machining Centres Added to the FMAX High Feed Finish Milling Cutter Series

    July 24, 2019

    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Metalworking Solutions Company (President – Shinichi Nakamura, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added a cutter for compact and smaller machining centres to the FMAX series of high feed finish milling cutters for aluminium alloys.

    A special alloy steel and aluminium body in the FMAX cutter combine to provide high rigidity and light weight. FMAX offers super efficient machining through the adoption of an ultra-fine pitch tooth design.

    These new addition helps to achieve high efficiency machining of F≥20m/min. With a maximum tool diameter of 125mm, 20 teeth for machining a non-ferrous metals such as aluminium alloys on compact and smaller machining centres.

    This enables FMAX to expand its coverage over a wider range of workpiece materials and applications.

    Features of the cutter for FMAX

    1. Tool diameter of 100mm, 125mm with light weight design of 1.5kg or less

    2. A special alloy steel and aluminium body combine to provide rigidity and weight.

    3. Multi-tooth design is ideal for low power machines to be able to achieve high efficiency machining.

    Product name
    Cutter for compact and smaller machining centres for the FMAX high feed finish milling cutter series.
    Tool diameter 100mm, 10 teeth, 16 teeth; 2 items
    Tool diameter 125mm, 14 teeth, 20 teeth; 2 items
    June 17th, 2019
    Standard price
    285,000 yen (307,800 yen including tax)
    351,000 yen (379,080 yen including tax)
    355,000 yen (383,400 yen including tax)
    421,000 yen (454,680 yen including tax)

    For details on the product above, please click here.

    TOOL NEWS B216G (16 Pages)(1.16 MB)

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