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  • Reopening of "TianJin LingYun tool Design Co.,LTD." after Renovation - Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Cutting Instruments by Improving and Expanding Equipment -

    November 7, 2017

    The Advanced Materials & Tools Company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (President: Akira Takeuchi; capital: 119.4 billion yen) is pleased to announce the relocation of "TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD." in Tianjin, China, to strengthen the technical support provided to cutting work users in China. The equipment has been improved and expanded, and the technical center has been reopened after the renovation. The opening ceremony for TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD. was held on October 19 and it began operation on the same day.

    As a national guideline aiming for the advancement of the manufacturing industry, in May 2015, the Chinese Government announced "Made in China 2025", a Chinese version of Germany's "Industry 4.0." Under the guideline, further growth in the manufacturing industry, including the automotive industry, is expected in the future. "TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD." started running in 2004. It has provided a variety of services, including cutting tests, selection of cutting tools, and training, to Chinese users. However, with the advancement of the manufacturing industry in China, it is necessary to provide a higher level of technical support to Chinese users than ever before. Therefore, we decided to relocate TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD. with improved and expanded equipment, to provide a comprehensive solution for cutting tools, including CAM/CAE* analysis/simulation developed in Japan, and support for cutting tools application technology (hereinafter referred to as "tooling support").

    A machining center, NC lathe, and a variety of measuring instruments are permanently installed at "TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD." It proposes processing methods that respond to user requests as well as processing methods for each part with CAM/CAE analysis/simulation of cutting, considering the shape of the workpiece and the users' machines. It is also possible to clarify the processing conditions and demonstrate a cutting test with the users present, as necessary.

    Through the reopening of "TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD.", Mitsubishi Materials Corporation will intensify its approach to the Chinese market to become the best partner for high technical capacity users, including Chinese automobile manufacturers.

    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has technical centers in Japan and overseas as bases for technical support for cutting users and to improve the system to provide comprehensive solutions. In Japan, in addition to East Japan Technical Center, "Central Japan Technical Center" was newly established in Gifu Plant in June 2017, resulting in a two-base system. For overseas, in addition to TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD., which has reopened, there are also technical centers in the U.S., Spain, and Thailand.

    The Advanced Materials & Tools Company has cited "a global player that provides high-value added products and service solutions" as a mid- and long-term goal in the medium-term management strategy. It aims to become an energetic and exciting business entity that earns users' trust as a true partner by struggling for and continuing to achieve speed and innovations from the viewpoint of customers.

    * CAM/CAE
    CAM is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing. It is a system that uses shape data created by CAD as input data and performs the entire manufacturing preparation, including the creation of a processing program, on a computer. CAE is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Engineering. It refers to supporting the prior examination of the design and manufacturing of products or process design by utilizing computer technology, or a tool for such a purpose.

    Outline of the base

    Name of base
    TianJin LingYun tool Design Co., LTD.
    E30, Universal Enterprise Park, No.1 Si Chi Road, Universities Industrial Zone, Jingwu town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, 300382, China
    Business description
    CAM/CAE analysis/simulation, cutting tests, tooling support, and training
    Number of employees
    10 persons
    Vertical machining center, NC lathe, microscope, surface roughness measuring instrument, and other measuring instruments

    Opening ceremony




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