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    July 28. 2016

    Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce an insert grade expansion for the AXD series cutters


    Technical Information:
  • A total of 26 new inserts offered for the AXD series cutters.
  • 10 items with MP6120 grade and GM-breaker for AXD4000.
  • 8 items with MP6120 grade and GLA-breaker for AXD7000.
  • 8 items with MP9120 grade and GLA-breaker for AXD7000.
  • MP6120 (PVD) grade for carbon & alloy steels.
  • MP9120 (PVD) grade for aluminum and titanium alloys.
  • GLA chipbreaker for AXD7000 cutters and new PVD grades features an ideal geometry for ISO-P and ISO-S materials.
  • Applications to Target:
  • Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas and Automotive Industries.
  • Ideal for steel, aluminum and titanium applications.
  • Benefits:
  • PVD coatings have properties such as toughness, low coefficient of friction, excellent welding, wear and heat resistance.
  • Multi-layering of the coating prevents any cracks penetrating through to the substrate.
  • GLA chipbreaker type insert features true radius design; GLA insert secured into AXD7000 series holders is designed to produce more accurate corner radius on the workpiece than conventional cutters.
  • Product available on
  • July 28. 2016
  • Download the PDF file